All about the company cars

Company cars are often attractive to employees. Often reserved for executives and salespeople, it is a widespread practice in companies. There is a difference between a company car and a company car. Indeed, even if both are provided by the company, the first, also called service car, remains a vehicle loaned only for business trips. Discover :  It is parked in the company car park and must be reported daily. It can not be used for personal journeys and out of work time. Nevertheless, some companies allow their employees to get to work with the vehicle. The employer may, if he wishes, withdraw the company car without any condition or financial compensation. The company car is available to the employee for business or personal travel.

Increase in salary or company car

This type of vehicle is a part of the remuneration and appears on the pay slip as a supplement to income. The maintenance and fuel of the vehicle are fully supported by the company and the private use often avoids financing a personal vehicle. The company car is registered in the employee’s employment contract. Consequently, its possible deletion entails the modification of the contract and the employee can oppose it. More information to rent a ferrari in Nice.  Generally, this is associated with a salary increase. Only the company car is considered a benefit in kind. It must be declared and subject to the collection of social charges. For private individuals, the company car is necessarily supplied either by the company or by the rental company. If the car is not insured, the employee is entirely responsible for it and must not use it.

Maintenance of the company vehicle

The employment contract defines the obligations of the employee regarding his company car. Most often, the clauses concern the maintenance and insurance of the car. The employee has the obligation to maintain his company car, as if it belonged to him personally. The employment contract may even provide for participation in maintenance costs.

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